Guess the Movie – A Game App for Movie Geeks

guess-the-movieGuess the Movie is a highly recommended game for people who love watching movies and are very much knowledgeable about every single movie that they watch. The concept of this game is very simple. A player simply needs to guess the title of the movie based on a poster that’s flashed on the screen.

People who love movies will surely fall in love with this game. The player begins with eleven free levels. These levels make use of sixteen to thirty or more images each. The images can range into different representations of the original posters. The first technique is to come up with a simplified version of the original poster. Another technique is to create cartoony avatars of the stars in the movie. Some have recognizable elements from the movie while some are just sketches. There are also some posters that directly spell out the titles of the films. This last technique makes guessing more complicated especially for people who are not very much into movie titles. There are also some who think that spelling the titles out is some kind of a trick to confuse them.

Of course, there are people who play Guess the Movie even though they are not movie geeks. The makers of this game made sure that people will still enjoy playing the game by allotting some help options that they can use whenever they get stumped on certain levels.

The first option is to use the hints in the game. These hints are based on the plot or summary of the movie. A person who has watched that specific movie will be able to come up with the title especially if he understood what happened in the film. The second option is another hint but this time around, it is a “hangman style” hint. For people who are not familiar with the hangman game, this is how the game is played. The player will guess and type in a letter. Every wrong letter will draw a body part of a man starting with the head followed by the neck, the body, the arms and the legs. Once all the parts are drawn, which basically means all the letters that were picked out are not in the title, the man hangs himself and dies and the player loses the game. The final option is to resolve. This basically means that the device will reveal the correct answer, but this must always be the last resort.

Individuals who are moviegoers and have started playing Guess the Movie can surely relate when one says that there were times when he wanted to throw his phone out the window out of frustration. The game indeed starts out really easy. It usually begins showing images of the most popular movies of all time. Of course, people who head to the cinemas every time a good movie is being shown will easily type the answer in. However, as one progresses in the game, a realization will set in; the game more challenging with each level. Yes, the posters remain stunning but a player is not supposed to just stare at and admire the movie poster. He must find a way to give that movie title or he becomes stuck in that level which is never fun.

However, you’ll be relieved to know that complete answers of the game exist on some websites – for example, you can find the answers on this site here.

There is always the possibility that one who can no longer figure out the movie titles will decide on uninstalling the game especially if there are unlimited advertisements popping up on the screen. Believe it or not, these ads make a player uncomfortable and totally disrupt one’s focus. There are several people especially lovers of this game who want these ads out of the picture. There is one reason behind this longing, and that is these players are serious about playing the game.

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What’s the Saying – A Different Kind of Puzzle App

whats-the-sayingHave you found yourself being bored and totally unchallenged by all the puzzle apps that you have on your phone? Well, there is new app out in the market that will definitely challenge your creativity, and it is called “What’s The Saying”. The app was developed by Cheat Master And Friends Words Cheats LLC. The developers are most well known for it’s “Who’s The Celeb” and “What’s The Pic” apps.

What’s The Saying is a mind enriching riddle app game. I know, you might be saying “another one of those”. It is fact that there is a plethora of puzzle apps now available at the Apple App Store, but what is the difference between “What’s The Saying” app from the other ones?

Unlike most of the puzzle apps that makes you guess the correct brand names through a logo, What’s The Saying is a game that aims you to guess the correct saying or catchphrase using a provided photo. All you have to actually do is try to see if you can guess the right saying by scrutinizing a photo; some letters are also provided below to make it easier for you. If you find yourself not sure of your answer, you can always click the do-over arrow on the right side of the screen to return all the clicked letters on the space below, and then try guessing again. If you have guessed the correct answer, you will be given coins, and will lead you to the next riddle to solve.

A help option is there in case you have a problem guessing the correct saying. You can use your coins as an exchange for help; you can either pay 50 coins to be given one letter, or 80 coins to remove a letter that isn’t in the answer. You can also make use of the “Skip” option in which you can skip the level entirely without guessing correctly just by paying 150 coins. Do be careful when using the help option though, because while you do get points for each level that you complete, it is a very slow process to gain back coins that you have used up.

With that, you have several options to earn free coins, to get 80 free coins, all you have to do is share the app via your Facebook account, 80 free coins by liking the App’s Facebook Page and another 80 free coins by just following the App’s official Twitter account. These options can only be used once. You are also given a free Coin Pack worth 300 coins just by clicking the “get it!” button. Other ways to get coins is by purchasing it, the prices are as follows: $0.99 for 300 coins, $2.99 for 1000 coins ad $9.99 for 4000 coins.

What’s The Saying has 550 built in puzzles to get your brain going. What’s The Saying is a free application, thus just like any other free app, you can find quite a lot of pop up advertisements all throughout the game. A little advertising downside is nothing compared to the hours of fun that you will get whilst enjoying the app. What’s The Saying is an incredibly easy and simple app to navigate through. With a clean and direct to the point user interface, one can enjoy the game with maximum fun, without any frustrating hassles to disturb you.

Lastly – and only if you’re REALLY stuck – you can refer to the complete solutions of this game right here.

What’s The Saying is available for free download, and can be found at the Apple App Store: What’s The Saying is compatible with any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch but requires an iOS 5.0 or later.

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Review of the Photo Quiz App

photo-quizIn this application, your screen will show four distinctive pictures and your task is to determine what they have in common. So what you will get is four picture clues with one correct answer. Once you get the right answer, you will be rewarded with coins. What are these coins for? As the game progresses, the clues get harder to figure out and this is where the coins come in – to purchase hints. If the photos seem to be more challenging for you and you run out of coins, you don’t have to worry a wee bit because you can simply buy coins from the store.  (Alternatively you can find all the Photo Quiz game’s answers by clicking this link.)

You will definitely get your brain juices flowing with the game’s different categories. If you want your kids to play this game, choose the easy mode. If you are up for the challenge, go for the normal or the hard mode. Moreover, if you think you are better in certain categories, this game has it for you. You can choose from categories like movies, music, and geography.

If you think you know your music, test yourself and play with the music category. If you are a movie buff, you may still learn a thing or two when you play the movie category. But, if you think you know your map and places, travel with the geography category. You can do so much with just one app! Another great thing about this app is you can download it for free!

Game Features

· Hundreds of levels that you can play with no fee.
· Different categories: general information, geography, music, movies, etc.
· Available in different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, and Portuguese.
· Its sound and music effects are easily adjustable. You can turn it off or you can decrease or increase its volume.
· It can connect to social networking sites.
· It has great graphics.

Game Compatibility
· Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
· Requires iOS 5.1 or higher
· Takes up 47.7MB of storage space

Game Reviews
· This app is gives your brain a great workout.
· Sometimes you look for complex words and it turns out it is just something basic. A good mental review!
· Graphics are very amusing for kids!
· Picture clues load fast and it is a great advantage especially if you are on a roll of solving.
· Pictures are not only beautiful to look at but these could also help you hone your skills in finding the littlest details.
· Hints are available so you do not have to stay stuck in one level.
· If you do get stuck and you don’t have any coins left, you can ask your friends for help using the social network.
· You can also purchase coins from the store in a minimal amount to help you move on a level.
· It is available in different languages. If you are not familiar with the English language, it is not a hindrance. You can simply adjust the settings and you can play it with the language that you are comfortable in!

It is a great app to waste your time away, though you may not really consider it a waste of time because you are having fun and learning at the same time. The game is simple yet educational. It is also challenging yet addictive. With all this information, the only question that you need to answer is when to download this addictive game. Yes, the game comes with that warning label. Download this game now and give yourself a good challenge!

Developer Website:

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Hi Guess the Place: An Instant Geography Test

hi-guess-the-placeHi Guess the Place is another hit game from Man Zhang. If you’re into word games and puzzle games for gadgets and mobile devices that run iOS then they should be a familiar name to you by now. They’re the same guys who created Hi Guess the Food, Hi Guess the Movie, Hi Guess the Restaurant, and many other games that go by the same names.

The main idea of this game is pretty easy to understand. This game features many of the popular places all over the world. It’s also a great way to find out the hottest tourist destinations in various countries.

You don’t need to be totally smart to beat this game; and besides, this app is both entertaining as it is informative in a certain way. This app can easily become the most addicting game you have ever played or perhaps just another good way to pass the time when you’re waiting for someone or something.  Should you get stuck in solving one of the levels, you can check here for Hi Guess the Place – complete answers and solutions.

Game Play

This app’s game play is pretty easy and really straightforward. In fact, it follows suit with every other game of the same genre. It’s a word game and a riddle game blended into one. Intense computer graphic animation goes out the window once you start playing this game.

So, what are players presented with? The big clue that you will get out of this game is the icon or picture that is shown on your screen. That should be the biggest clue or hint in front of your eyes. All the lower levels have very easy places to guess since they also use the most familiar symbols to represent the said place.

A good example of this is that you’re shown the Statue of Liberty as the clue for the City of New York and the Eiffel Tower is used as the symbol for Paris. As the game progresses and as the levels go up the clues and visual cues get tougher. That should be expected out of any game.

Some of the visual clues are subtle such as the country’s flag being placed in the background. You don’t notice some of the clues at the start but the longer you dwell on the picture on your screen you can find the clues with a little patience and creativity.

In case you get stuck in any of the levels, you don’t need to worry. You can call for help on Facebook. You can post the visual puzzle as your Facebook status and ask your friends to help you out. That may sound like minimal social media integration but that’s the stuff that really works.

Best Features of Hi Guess the Place

Simplicity is one of the best features of this app. The game is actually light on your mobile device. It’s only 5.9 megabytes and won’t take like forever to download. The fun begins almost instantly. As soon as you’re done downloading you can let the fun begin right then and there.

The game is actually as addictive as it is simple. Who would ever think that a simple word and puzzle game can be so much fun? The game is really playable that even young kids can help figure out which place you’re trying to guess. It’s a great practice in geography for them.

Technical Stuff/Specs

If you’re running iOS 4.3 or better, then Hi Guess the Place is for you. If you have a more recent operating system then you’re in good hands. This app can still get updated since system bugs can pop up without warning. However, the programming behind this game is within today’s standards. Note that Hi Guess the Place is better played on iPhone 5.

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Hi Guess the Character – App Review

hi-guess-the-characterHi Guess the Character is another offshoot of the tremendously fun 4 Pics 1 Word. You can say that the makers of this game have leveled the playing field. If you felt that the original game was a little too tough or just plain difficult then here’s a simpler version for you to try.

Photo guessing games can be a little hard on people sometimes. In case a game is too hard or they just can’t get past a certain level, then players tend to quit the game altogether and play something else. You don’t have to lie; you did that once before while playing a more complicated game.

Seriously, you can call this game as the baby version of every other picture guessing app on the planet. The pictures you have to guess are really basic it’s almost a give-away. Well it does get harder as the levels and challenges go up but by the time they do, you will have enough experience with the game play that you can confidently deal with the next tougher levels.

Game Play Basics

The game play is pretty much the same as other games in the guess the picture genre. But the pictures that the game makers have included here are comical and funny. They are not graphically intensive so you don’t have to worry about your device blowing a gasket or something.

The game is free so you can just download it any time you want. You don’t even have to register to play the game. You can download the app and have fun with it all you want.

As stated earlier, you don’t have to sweat it when figuring out each picture. The makers of this game have included pictures of popular figures from TV, movies, and just about anywhere and any character that even kids can recognize.

In Case You Get Stuck Somewhere

Okay, granting without admitting, if you do get stuck in any level of Hi Guess the Character you can always call for help. You can share the tough pic on Facebook and ask your social media buddies for suggestions. This feature is pretty common with other games that fall within this particular genre.

Other than being able to call for help, you can also brag about your accomplishments in this game. You can post the puzzles or pictures that you have already completed and ask your friends to try and beat your performance.

You’ll also be happy to know that you can find all solutions of Hi Guess the Character on this site:

Specs and Other Details

As stated earlier, this game is absolutely free. The seller of this game is Man Zhang, who has also come up with some pretty good titles. Well, this isn’t one of the best games they have come up with. But since it is highly playable and it won’t bust a player’s bubble then it’s a game worth trying.

The entire app doesn’t take up a lot of space on your mobile device. It will only occupy 6.7 megabytes, which means you can download it in just under a minute with a decent Internet connection.

Note that this game has been rated as a 12+ so your younger kids should not be messing with this game. Your device should be running at least iOS 4.3. Any later operating system version will be compatible with the system.

The game works great on iPod touch, iPad, and also your iPhone. However, take note that you can get the best gaming experience if you play the game on iPhone 5.

Mini Purchases within the Game

In case you just want to finish a certain level and don’t mind spending a few dollars to do so, there is a way to pay for hints within the game. With two dollars you can get several correct letters. You can even pay to skip an entire level in Hi Guess the Character but that will cost you.

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Hi Guess the Brand: A New Game to Puzzle Your Way Through

hi-guess-the-brandHi Guess the Brand is an app developed by Man Zhang, the developer who is responsible for making all the Hi Guess series. The series includes Hi Guess the Food, Hi Guess the Restaurant, Hi Guess the Place, Hi Guess the Movie, Hi Guess The Character, Hi Guess the TV Show and the newest addition to the series, Hi Guess The Brand.

In Hi Guess The Brand, you are given a snippet of the logo of internationally famous brand icons that you have to guess the name of. This unique puzzle app has a simple aesthetic designed to make it easier for the player to navigate through the whole game.

Registration is not required for this app, which is a plus point for customers who are just not willing to spend an additional step in order to play a game. This makes it so much easier for the player to just get on with the game, and start playing it without any hassle.

There are hundreds of different brands and logos waiting for you to be recognized. Unlike other Puzzle games, this app has well-designed pictures to offer you a great eye-catching visual enjoyment. The app would show you a very small part of the logo, and all you have to do is guess what is.

Hi Guess The Brand has several levels available for you to conquer. The categories for this app range from Cellular, Clothing, Foods and Beverage brands to many other business industries. For each correct guess, you are given additional points that you can always exchange for more hints.

A couple of hints option is available if you find yourself not knowing where the logo is from. You can either choose to remove some letters from the alphabet given below or reveal some letter from the brand’s name itself. You can also always opt to skip the particular stage if you really can’t guess what brand it is. You do have to purchase points with real money to be able to use this option. Your Apple ID is connected to the app to make it easier for you to purchase additional points.  As a last resort, you can find all the answers here: Hi Guess the Brand – complete answers

If you have already finished the game, fret not because Hi Guess The Brand has constant updates to provide you continuous fun. Every update that this app has will give you more and more levels to finish. The latest update in June 2013 released more brands to guess, and also rolled out an impressive improvement for the app’s User Interface.

Hi Guess The Brand can be integrated with your very own Facebook account. To do this, just click on the Facebook Icon on the left side of your screen, and it will prompt you to log in using your email address and your password. The Facebook integration will allow you to share with your friends the answer to a particular stage; it also allows you to ask your Facebook friends if you are having a hard time guessing the brand’s name. Connecting the game to your Facebook account will also allow you to cross post each time you finish a stage to challenge your friends to see who knows more brand names.

The app has a 12+ rating meaning it is suitable for anyone who is 12 years old and above because it may contains theme that includes mild languages, realistic violence, mature and suggestive themes and simulated gambling. Hi Guess The Brand requires you to have an iOS 4.3 or later, and is compatible for use on an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Hi Guess The Brand can be found at the Apple App Store:, and is available for free download.

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Hi Guess the Movie: A Challenge for Movie Geeks

hi-guess-the-movieThe game developers in Man Zhang have done it again folks and their crazy app (meant in a good way). Hi Guess the Movie is one of the highest rated apps in the mobile gaming world to date. You probably have come across their games; they usually begin with “hi guess the…” and then the name is finished with the main idea of the game.

So, with this app, you can already guess that it’s a name that movie sort of a game. That’s basically what you’re going to get actually – hundreds of movie trivia and puzzles. This is the perfect game for movie fanatics and anyone who loves their couch like a best friend.

The Good Stuff About The Game

There are a lot of great things about this game. First off, it’s really simple. If you want a fresh start and move away from complex visually powered games then this is a good place to start. You don’t need any high degree of eye-finger coordination. All you need to do is to bring out that good old movie buff in you.

The game is also free and you will not be required to register for anything. If there are updates that would come out from the makers of this game, you won’t need to pay for them as well. New movies to guess and think about will be added to the game as the days roll by.

This really addictive game is not the one man against the world kind. It actually allows you to get help from your friends. You can post the puzzle that you’re having difficulty with on different social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. You can even ask your neighbor for help if he’s into movies a lot.

Game Play

The game play is really simple and shouldn’t be an issue for anybody. It’s really straightforward and you don’t need any instructions to figure out just how the game goes. If you’re familiar with the style that the Man Zhang group uses, then you should expect a no frills game design.

Take note that there are a few bugs in the older versions. In case you’re not sure if you’re running the old version of this app then check out the latest updates on iTunes.

You will be shown an icon or a graphic that is related to the movie. It can be a feature of the leading character, a general theme from the movie, or just about anything that has become iconic or memorable about the movie you’re supposed to guess.

Other than the icon or graphic, you’ll have a set of letters to choose from to make your guess. That already narrows down the amount of letters you have to choose from. And just like any other word riddle game in the mobile world, it also displays blank boxes where the right letters should go. Given those clues, you should have enough ideas handed down to you to guess the name of the movie in question.

Technical Stuff

The game runs at its best on an iPhone 5. But it also works quite well on any device that runs iOS 4.3 or higher. Note that the game has been rated as 12+. This is due to the nature of part of its content, which includes some violence, crude humor, mild horror, mild sexual content with some nudity, and infrequent references to drug and tobacco use.

That means the content of this game or app is not suited for kids below the age of 12 and if kids do play it, the parents should be around to help explain things. It’s only 9.3 megabytes so Hi Guess the Movie shouldn’t take that long to download and install.

Here’s the entire set of solutions for this game in case you get stuck:

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