Alegrium’s Newest Game: Icon Pop Mania

icon-pop-maniaWe are now living in a world where Smartphone is a must for everyday life. Nowadays, people rely on their phones for almost everything: the time, directions, contact numbers, etc. With a Smartphone, it is also now so much easier to find a way to entertain yourself if ever you find yourself bored and have too much time to kill.

From the makers of the hit app ICON POP Quiz, Alegrium came up with a bigger, better, more interesting game called “Icon Pop Mania”. Released early of this year, just like all the games from the previous ICON POP series, the Icon Pop Mania’s main purpose is to challenge you to guess all the icons provided. This is the fifth installment released for the popular Icon Pop series. This is the kind of game that both teens and adults would enjoy playing.

To differentiate between the past Icon Pop series, Icon Pop Mania has a sleeker, cleaner interface making it easier to navigate throughout the game. It has a wider set of categories making it more fun and challenging for the customers. It also has a built in connection with several social media accounts so that you can share your answers and the level that you have attained to your friends via Facebook and Twitter. As per customer requests, Alegrium has also upgraded the app so that it would generate fewer ads.

To play Icon Pop Mania, the app would show you either a small part of an icon, or a cartoon version of the brand or character, and all you have to do is guess what or who it is. Each icon has a label that will tell what category it belongs to so that it would be easier for you to guess what it is. The version of the game that is out in the market today consists of nine levels, each of them having several categories such as: characters, brand, TV and movies, famous people, country and city. Different categories are provided to eliminate the feel of redundancy, and this will also test your abilities better.

As you go through the game’s levels, the harder and more inconspicuous the icons will be. You have to remember that you cannot advance to another level if you haven’t guessed the right amount of icon in the previous level.

If you find yourself stuck in the middle of the game, and cannot guess the icon, you have three choices of hints to help you. To use the hints, you have to, of course, have points on hand. How do you get these points? Well, Icon Pop Mania will give you points to add o your hints bank after you have successfully passed one level. Just like all the games from the ICON POP series, the way to get a hint is all the same. For the hints, you have the choice if you want the system to reveal a letter, remove some letters or you can even ask some of your Facebook friends to help you out.

If you still find yourself not knowing the answer after hitting all the hints available, you can always opt to skip the particular stage by using the skip option. Be aware that you can only use this option provided that you don’t mind spending real money for it.

Icon Pop Mania is free to download here on the Apple App Store which you can find here. Icon Pop Mania is compatible with any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch provided that it runs on an iOS of 4.3 or later. It is also available for any Android devices, and can be downloaded in the Google Play.

Find full solutions of this game on this website here:


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