Review of the Photo Quiz App

photo-quizIn this application, your screen will show four distinctive pictures and your task is to determine what they have in common. So what you will get is four picture clues with one correct answer. Once you get the right answer, you will be rewarded with coins. What are these coins for? As the game progresses, the clues get harder to figure out and this is where the coins come in – to purchase hints. If the photos seem to be more challenging for you and you run out of coins, you don’t have to worry a wee bit because you can simply buy coins from the store.  (Alternatively you can find all the Photo Quiz game’s answers by clicking this link.)

You will definitely get your brain juices flowing with the game’s different categories. If you want your kids to play this game, choose the easy mode. If you are up for the challenge, go for the normal or the hard mode. Moreover, if you think you are better in certain categories, this game has it for you. You can choose from categories like movies, music, and geography.

If you think you know your music, test yourself and play with the music category. If you are a movie buff, you may still learn a thing or two when you play the movie category. But, if you think you know your map and places, travel with the geography category. You can do so much with just one app! Another great thing about this app is you can download it for free!

Game Features

· Hundreds of levels that you can play with no fee.
· Different categories: general information, geography, music, movies, etc.
· Available in different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, and Portuguese.
· Its sound and music effects are easily adjustable. You can turn it off or you can decrease or increase its volume.
· It can connect to social networking sites.
· It has great graphics.

Game Compatibility
· Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
· Requires iOS 5.1 or higher
· Takes up 47.7MB of storage space

Game Reviews
· This app is gives your brain a great workout.
· Sometimes you look for complex words and it turns out it is just something basic. A good mental review!
· Graphics are very amusing for kids!
· Picture clues load fast and it is a great advantage especially if you are on a roll of solving.
· Pictures are not only beautiful to look at but these could also help you hone your skills in finding the littlest details.
· Hints are available so you do not have to stay stuck in one level.
· If you do get stuck and you don’t have any coins left, you can ask your friends for help using the social network.
· You can also purchase coins from the store in a minimal amount to help you move on a level.
· It is available in different languages. If you are not familiar with the English language, it is not a hindrance. You can simply adjust the settings and you can play it with the language that you are comfortable in!

It is a great app to waste your time away, though you may not really consider it a waste of time because you are having fun and learning at the same time. The game is simple yet educational. It is also challenging yet addictive. With all this information, the only question that you need to answer is when to download this addictive game. Yes, the game comes with that warning label. Download this game now and give yourself a good challenge!

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